Civil Air Patrol Cadets Learn to Fly Radio Controlled Aircraft with Rutland County RC Flyers Club

Photo above – RC Flyers member Brant Duffy shows CAP cadets a rubber band powered aircraft he built during an RC Flyers Club event.  Cadets participating (left to right): C/SrA Elliot Rosenberg, C/TSgt Samuel Sargent, C/Amn Noah Sargent, C/Amn Levi Mead, C/SrA Cayden Brown, and C/1st Lt. Eliana Sargent.Photo Credit: Peter Galligan

Civil Air Patrol Cadets learn about RC planes during and RC Flyers Club event.  Pictured (left to right):  C/TSgt Samuel Sargent, Rutland County RC Club Instructor/Pilot Steve Messiter, and C/Amn Noah Sargent. Photo Credit: 2nd Lt Joann Larson, Rutland Composite Squadron, Vermont Wing, CAP.

Civil Air Patrol cadets from the Rutland Composite Squadron (VT-009) of the Vermont Wing, Civil Air Patrol experienced the thrill of piloting radio controlled (RC) model aircraft recently, courtesy of the Rutland County RC Flyers Club at the site of the former Fair Haven Municipal Airport.

“Our cadets got an exciting, educational opportunity to learn about aircraft and how they fly, through some ‘hands on” experience courtesy of the Rutland County RC Flyers Club here,” said Capt Alvin Colvin, Commander of the Rutland Composite Squadron. “Many of the same principles apply to keeping planes in the air and moving in the direction you want them to go, whether it’s a small radio-controlled model plane or a general aviation or larger plane.

The cadets learned a lot and had a great time in the process. Thanks to the RC Flyers Club for taking the time and sharing their passion for aviation.”

Civil Air Patrol Cadets learn about flying a drone from RC Flyers Club member/instructor Chris Custer.  Cadets pictured (left to right): C/1st Lt. Eliana Sargent, C/Amn Levi Mead, and C/TSgt Robert Harris. Photo Credit: Peter Galligan.

The Rutland County RC Flyers Club meets at the site of the former Fair Haven Municipal Airport in Fair Haven.  Members of the Club fly a wide range of aircraft from small, handmade kit planes with rubber band propulsion, to larger planes with electric or gas-powered engines.  Cadets received hands on instruction with members to fly some of the larger planes as well as a drone equipped with a camera and “First-Person-View” headset. 

Rutland County RC Flyers member Peter Galligan said: “All the cadets did a great job, especially considering this was a first-time experience for most of them flying radio-controlled planes.

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