Sederberg Becomes CDOT’s New Multimedia Manager

3B1A3848edit.jpg Division of Aeronautics employee, Shahn Sederberg recently accepted a position as a Communications/Multimedia Manager with the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Communications Office. Sederberg, who has been a consistent contributor to the State Aviation Journal, began working for the Division of Aeronautics in 2001 as an Aviation Planner, and later as the Division’s Communications Specialist.

Sederberg will continue his career behind the camera capturing images that showcase Colorado’s multi-modal transportation system. As CDOT’s Communications/Multimedia Manager, Sederberg will be focusing more work emphasis on telling CDOT’s story with moving video.

Sederberg will continue working with the Division of Aeronautics on a part-time basis, providing Communications needs that include the production of the Colorado Airport Directory, the Colorado Aeronautical Chart and the Mountain Wave News Bulletin.