Aviation Management Consulting Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Aviation Management Consulting Group (AMCG) is proud to announce its 20th anniversary of promoting general aviation management excellence through the provision of trusted services, support, and resources to airports, aviation businesses, agencies, associations, and other industry stakeholders.

AMCG’s core services, support, and resources include strategic planning/business planning, primary management and compliance documents (e.g., rules and regulations, leasing/rents and fees policy, minimum standards, and development standards), rent and fee studies, appraisal and valuation, transaction services (e.g., acquisition, divestiture, and due diligence), RFP proposal development, agreement development and negotiation, and assessment (e.g., market, managerial, operational, and financial).

AMCG’s team consists of 7 dedicated employees that are located in Colorado, Missouri, and California. The diverse experience and background of the AMCG team includes over 125 years of combined airport management, aviation business management, aviation management consulting, and aircraft ownership and operation. In fact, each AMCG consultant and project analyst is a licensed pilot. As a result, AMCG has the unique ability to view each client project and any issue that may arise from a multi-dimensional (airport, aviation business, and aircraft operator) perspective.

“I am very proud to have been part of the AMCG team from the beginning and to now lead a team of talented and respected aviation industry professionals that are focused on enhancing the firm’s clients’ GAME (General Aviation Management Excellence).”, said Jeff A. Kohlman, Managing Principal of AMCG.

As part of AMCG’s 20th anniversary celebration, this press release introduces to the aviation industry a new AMCG logo that represents the firm’s forward progress and upward growth. A new AMCG website will be online before the end of February – stay tuned.