ODAV Aeronautical Study Fees Approved

On August 10, 2022, the State Aviation Board approved amendments to Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 738-070-160 to establish a fee for aeronautical studies performed by the Oregon Department of Aviation (ODAV). Rulemaking was based on Senate Bill 38, passed in the 2021 legislative session.

The fee shall be paid by the sponsor or representative of the construction or alteration proposal if the construction or alteration requires notice to ODAV per OAR 738-070-0060. FAA-owned equipment, NOAA-owned equipment, and on-airport structures owned by the airport are exempt from aeronautical study fees.

Fees will be required for aeronautical studies effective Friday, September 9, 2022—30 days after the Aviation Board approved this rule amendment. 

The fee for the aeronautical study will be required to be paid prior to delivery of the aeronautical determination by ODAV to the sponsor or representative. The current fee is $100.00 per determination.

ODAV is in the process of creating a website to facilitate both the submittal of notice required under OAR 738-070-0060 and submittal of payment for aeronautical studies. Stakeholders will be notified once the website is operational.

Payments for aeronautical studies will also be accepted via check sent to Oregon Department of Aviation, 3040 25th Street SE, Salem, OR 97302, or over the phone at 503-378-4880.

If you have questions about aeronautical study fees or any portion of this process, please contact Brandon Pike, Aviation Planner at 503-378-2217 or brandon.pike@odav.oregon.gov.