Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Contracts for PASSUR Airspace Monitoring Solution

PASSUR Aerospace Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: PSSR) announced today that Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) has contracted for the collaborative version of PASSUR(R) AirportMonitor(TM), the industry’s leading web-based airspace education tool for airport communities. FXE has been a longtime user of PASSUR data feeds and software for its noise monitoring program, as well as for aircraft identification.

“PASSUR AirportMonitor strengthens our relations with our neighboring communities, creating the trust that comes from transparent and accurate information,” said Clara Bennett, Airport Manager, Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. “It represents great progress in the evolution of airport communication, collaboration and coordination – both operationally and in terms of our public commitments.”

“The ability for airports to communicate in real time with their local neighbors on our visual airspace platform is part of the Collaborative Decision Making trend we believe is the future of aviation,” said Jim Barry, President and CEO of PASSUR Aerospace. “Bringing together all industry constituents onto a commonly accessed web platform fed by accurate, reliable, live information to support quicker, better decisions – and open, trusting interaction – is critical to addressing our industry’s most pressing challenges.”

PASSUR AirportMonitor is the pioneering community airspace awareness tool, which provides an interactive display of air traffic and flight information in and around the terminal airspace, designed for airport websites. It enables residents to view traffic in “near-live” and replay mode, with a host of user-friendly online tools designed to promote airspace education, answer questions about specific flight behavior, and promote openness and trust between residents and the airport.

The new version of AirportMonitor, a patented product, includes:

    * Instant airport messaging – based on the existing collaborative decision making technology developed for PASSUR Portal(TM) and PASSUR OPSnet(TM), this allows the airport to instantly communicate about airspace conditions which may be affecting residents’ noise quality. Management of these messages is easily done through PASSUR online, password-protected messaging tools, requiring no airport IT involvement.

    * “My Home Locator” – providing AirportMonitor users the ability to pinpoint their home on the AirportMonitor background map by entering their address, allowing for a more effective assessment of airspace and flight activity in relation to the user’s residence.

The PASSUR Noise Management Program

Airports want to work with their aircraft operators and their communities to provide a safe and efficient airport environment while minimizing the impact of aircraft noise. Important to a comprehensive noise management program is accurate, timely information that provides a complete picture of the operating environment as well as comprehensive analytical capabilities to not only report on noise activities but also to identify patterns to improve aircraft routes and airport efficiencies, while further minimizing environmental impact. PASSUR data and software solutions for noise operations are built on the same proprietary radar network, aviation database, and business intelligence engines which support our airport operations, financial and collaborative decision-making software. Over 20 airports use the PASSUR flight operations data feed for their NOMS.