Comp Air 6.2 Introduces Roomy, Speedy, Composite Kitplane

Saying there’s simply nothing like it in the Kitplane world, Comp Air Aviation showed up in Oshkosh with the prototype of the upcoming Comp Air 6.2 high-wing speedster. With the latest technology in terms of both the construction and buildability of the kit and a massive 52-inch-wide cabin, this is the airplane which family flyers will be able to utilize for every aviation adventure.

Comp Air Aviation is a multi-decade veteran of the aviation community and a pioneer in composite aircraft programs ranging from light two-seaters to single-engine turboprops and jets.

The Comp Air 6.2 program benefits from years of experience and the relationship with hundreds of customers (military and civilian), pilots, and builders who have been a part of their efforts throughout. Available with rugged tricycle gear or with a Comp Air Float System, the 6.2 has something to offer for nearly everyone.

The 6.2 is a ‘NO Excuses’ airplane featuring:

  • 6 seats in a cabin wider than a 206 (including baggage space)
  • Lycon modified 350 HP Lycoming IO 580 power offering 325 HP
  • 650 HP Walter Turboprop (optional)
  • Standard Airstair for ease of access
  • 185-knot max cruise speed
  • 2000-pound useful load
  • 840 NM range (w/reserve, a 62-knot stall)
  • Service ceiling of 15,700 feet

Whether destined to be family transport or a speedy utility aircraft, the 6.2 sets a new standard for the Kitplane community.

Careful attention has been paid to making sure that a builder can do the job properly, swiftly, and with confidence. Modern carbon composite fabrication techniques minimize construction complications while the additional availability of a Builder Assistance Center can all but guarantee a speedy (and worry-free) construction process.