Colorado Aviation Grant Program Takes to the Clouds

Following nearly a year of development, the Colorado Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics has unveiled an in-the-cloud data management solution for the Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grant Program. The new Web-Based Information Management System (WIMS) now allows airport sponsors and grantees to apply for, track, and manage their grants from a central web-based portal.

Airports and grantees are now assigned secure individual WIMS accounts. "Airport sponsors and grantees can now simply log in to WIMS and manage their participation in the grant program from the initial application process to the final close-out of the grant", said Aeronautics Division Grant Program Manager, TK Gwin. (Shown at right)
The new system greatly improves access to the Division of Aeronautics and reduces the time it takes to respond to the grantee’s needs. WIMS will also ensure an accurate and complete record of each grant awarded.  
Please visit the Division’s website for more information about WIMS and the Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grant Program.