Task Force Recommends Alabama Aeronautics for UAS Oversight

John Eagertonedit.jpg A task force appointed by Gov. Robert Bentley to study the use of drones has recommended placing state oversight of unmanned aircraft under the Alabama Department of Transportation Aeronautics Bureau. “The Bureau is prepared to take the lead in developing a uniform set of policies and procedures for state agency utilization of Unmanned Aerial Systems,” said Dr. John Eagerton, Bureau Chief. “We also look forward to the opportunity to work with our universities and private or commercial operators to promote the research, development and safe use of UAS technology within the state of Alabama.

Eagerton said that he and the staff appreciates the confidence the Alabama UAS Task Force has placed in the Aeronautics Bureau in making its recommendation. Governor Bentley appointed the task force in August to develop a statewide management plan for unmanned aerial vehicles by Jan. 15. It was recommended that the task force continue as an advisory group to the Aeronautics Bureau.