Space Development Agency Partners with Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus for Logistical Support

Auburn University is making space for the Space Development Agency (SDA).

Located just outside Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, the new Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus (AURIC) is set to become a base of technical support operations for the SDA, the sole arm of the United States Space Force operating in the state of Alabama.

In addition to logistical support, the partnership will provide opportunities for collaboration between the SDA and the Auburn University Applied Research Institute located within AURIC.

ENG – SDA_1280.jpg”This new phase of Auburn’s relationship with the SDA is especially rewarding because it perfectly aligns with the original vision for the Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus,” said Steve Taylor, senior vice president for research and economic development. “We designed this cutting-edge campus not only to facilitate research but to be the go-to destination for government and industry entities within Redstone looking to accommodate and even train their workforce.”

Taylor is especially pleased that the first outside entity to raise its flag over AURIC is space focused.

“Auburn’s reputation for helping the nation remain the dominant power in space is pretty well known,” Taylor said. “Our relationship with NASA, of course, is practically second to none among universities. We have also collaborated with the Missile Defense Agency and Space and Missile Defense Command on Redstone to support their efforts to defend our nation. This partnership with the Space Development Agency is yet another important step for Auburn as we strengthen our ties with the U.S. Space Force and help it accomplish its mission.”

SDA director Derek Tournear agrees.

“SDA is committed to empowering our talented team of professionals to deliver needed space-based capabilities to the joint warfighter through development, fielding and operation of the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture in low-Earth orbit,” Tournear said. “We are grateful for this collaboration with Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus, which provides essential office space for SDA personnel located near the SDA Space Operations Center-South at Redstone Arsenal.”