Xbox Showcase Reveals New Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

By Andrew Stevens

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 coming in…2024!

Announcement Trailer

For over 40 years now many of us have had the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of flight through Microsoft Flight Simulator and that includes nearly three magical years since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). Magical in the sense that it features incredible detail and visuals for both aircraft and scenery, always changing weather based on real world conditions, and ability to fly with friends and have meetups at different airports.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) also featured a number of challenges to complete from different situational landing experiences to introducing a Top Gun Maverick expansion that features low altitude flying challenges. Seriously, put on the Maverick soundtrack and start attempting to get your highest score in those challenges – it’s so much fun!

I nearly reached top 50 in the world with this run on the Top Gun Maverick expansion!

For Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), a lot of how it was presented was focused on a beautiful wide open world to explore in amazing detail (though you need a PC capable of handling the highest settings for the full effect). However, with the next installation of the series, the focus appears to be shifting!

Today during the Xbox Showcase, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 was revealed with an impressive and a more objective-based announcement trailer. I’m already sold! Coming to Xbox and PC in 2024, including Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on Day 1, pilots will get the opportunity to live out their aviation dreams through a number of scenarios such as using aircraft for fighting fires, search and rescue, medical and cargo transport, and crop dusting, along with more flight activities such as sky diving, hot air balloon rides, air races and so much more! Of course, once again there will be a beautiful wide open world to explore in amazing detail, but it appears we are getting a lot more activities to participate in this time around! Time to upgrade my GPU and buy a new SSD to dedicate to flight sims!

Announcement Trailer (as seen above)

By the way, did you notice scientific research? Heck yeah! Never stop chasing, as Reed Timmer would say. It all looks incredible and I cannot wait for it to take off in 2024!

Keep an eye out for more articles from me throughout the year that discuss my inspiration in aviation through the form of games and media. I’m someone who lives in the world of video games and simulators and even works in the video game industry for my day job. I’m also preparing to celebrate my 15th year in attendance at Oshkosh AirVenture in July which will lead to additional editorials based on my experience there. Until then, I’m back off into the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator and video games!

Oh, right. Anyone a Dune fan? It was also revealed that Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) will receive a Dune expansion on November 3rd, 2023 when both it launches and Part 2 of the movie releases in theaters. The expansion provides the opportunity to fly the House Atreides Ornithopter across the desert planet of Arrakis. Trailer is below:

Dune Expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)