REMOS Aircraft offers 2010 bonus packages

REMOS Aircraft kicked off the 2010 Model Year by announcing a program of special sales incentives on 2010 REMOS GX aircraft.  The announcement was made today by Mr. Donald Kamenz, VP of Sales and Service, during the opening hours of the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida.

“The REMOS GX has redefined what light aircraft can be to the recreational and flight training market; Capable, flexible, safe, economical and fun”, said Kamenz. “Now we want to improve the ownership experience typical of general aviation aircraft, by creating new programs that add value to the purchase of a new GX.”

Mr. Kamenz further explained that REMOS Aircraft has created four bonus packages tailored to distinct owner groups.  These packages will include various equipment upgrades and financial incentives, allowing the REMOS buyer to select features that best suit their needs at no cost to them. These packages will be offered until June 2010.  A brief description of these packages include;

1. Recreational Enhancement Package – This program combines additional features and cost savings for the purely recreational pilot.  Included are:  Leather Seats Upgrade, $1,000 discount on customer specified options and 100 gallons of fuel.

2. Maintenance PLUS Package – Designed to remove any surprises from your budget, the PLUS package provides an inclusive 3 year Prop-to-Tail scheduled maintenance program, Initial Provisioning package of consumables parts and supplies, and 100 gallons of fuel.

3. Training Package – Dreaming of becoming a pilot?  The REMOS Training program includes a buyer’s Sport Pilot license (up to 50 hours of flight instruction at your local REMOS Pilot Center) and 100 gallons of fuel with which to get you wings.

4. Family Package – Like most of us, the Joy of Flight is an experience to be shared.   With 100 gallons of fuel and included emergency airframe parachute system, there is no reason not to take the kids on an experience they will want to repeat over and over again!

“REMOS is rewriting what General Aviation can be in this new environment, with superior design, the highest manufacturing standards and the best equipment. That is why we are the market leader. By changing the aircraft ownership experience, we open up a whole new segment to pilots who can proudly say – ‘Yes, that is my airplane’”, observed Kamenz. “We invite you to visit us at Sebring or to contact your local REMOS dealer to experience for yourself the future of Aviation.”

Company Summary: REMOS Aircraft is the world’s leading manufacturer of Light Sport Aircraft.  Founded in 1994, REMOS is an international aerospace manufacturing company with operations in the Europe and North America.  REMOS’ flagship product, the REMOS GX aircraft, is an all-composite, single engine, recreational aircraft certified by the FAA and EASA.  Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Pasewalk, Germany, REMOS aircraft are distributed and supported world-wide through a network of exclusive sales, maintenance and flight training programs.  For more information please visit or telephone 877-REMOS-88 (outside the USA  +1 (479) 246-0045).