AvMet Applications Expands SmartSky® Predictive Weather Data Suite Adding Live Weather Impacts for Airports, Terminal Airspace, and Jet Routes

SmartSky, the innovative air-to-ground inflight connectivity provider, and AvMet Applications Inc., prediction provider for aviation weather impacts, have announced an agreement that brings AvMet Service offerings to the SmartSky Predictive Weather Data Suite delivered via the SmartSky Skytelligence® aviation data exchange. For the first time, airline dispatch, FBOs, airports and ground operations will have access to AvMet’s predictive Weather Impact Outlook data sets. The predictive weather suite offering is made possible through SmartSky’s next-generation ATG network, advanced hardware, and enhanced services, which include Skytelligence.  

AvMet Applications offers solutions that help to enhance flight planning processes with live Forecast/Observed Weather Impact Outlooks. These predictive services include significant weather impacts for airports, key arrival and departure terminal airspace, and jet routes. This service is available for any airport in the US as well as selected aerodromes globally. 

Forecasts are updated hourly with the 24-hour predictive weather impact scoring continuously ranking the severity of weather impact. “Knowing what to expect can help airline operations centers, pilots, crew planning and customer services to better prepare for potential traffic disruptions, thus benefiting airports and related services, travel insurance agencies, business travel services, air cargo services, and the flying public,” said Mark Klopfenstein, President of AvMet.

The Skytelligence data exchange is a key element of SmartSky’s Digital Solutions offerings, which are powered by its patented innovations and tools. The Skytelligence data exchange brings together data from numerous providers for single-point delivery via APIs, which are then used by EFBs or ground-based systems. These combined capabilities make SmartSky a key enabler for aviation’s digital transformation. SmartSky’s Predictive Weather Data Suite brings together multiple predictive weather providers to supply aviation with enhanced situational awareness not available from other sources. The SmartSky ATG network provides the very low latency, high-capacity data flow, to and from the plane, that is necessary to enable the connected aircraft.

“AvMet Applications’ weather impact awareness is key to keeping the aviation system surrounding the airport functioning smoothly on the ground and in the sky,” said Sean Reilly, Vice President of Digital Solutions and Air Transport for SmartSky. “The ability to accurately predict weather impacts on air traffic and, as a result, predict flight delays is vital for the aviation industry and can be a significant contributor to sustainability, saving fuel costs from inflight delays as well as for takeoffs and landings. Through our partnership with AvMet, SmartSky can help our customers better prepare for and avoid potential delays.”