GAMA Releases 2022 Aircraft Shipment and Billing Report

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) released the 2022 General Aviation Aircraft Shipment and Billing Report during its annual State of the Industry Press Conference held last week. Overall, when compared to 2021, all aircraft segments saw increases in shipments and preliminary aircraft deliveries were valued at $26.8 billion, an increase of 6.0%.

“The general aviation manufacturing industry continues to show increasing strength despite workforce and supply chain challenges across our industry. Our product development across the spectrum of fixed wing, rotorcraft and Advanced Air Mobility vehicles is spurred by the recognition that our industry is the safety and sustainability technology incubator for global civil aviation. These safety, performance and sustainability efforts are built upon progress with lighter weight materials, new structural and wing designs, fly-by-wire control replacing heavy hydraulic systems, additive manufacturing reducing the number of parts, lighter weight and more reliable avionics, and engines and airframes that can fly on a 100% sustainable aviation fuel blend. Of course, the impressive list of progress doesn’t even begin to touch on the revolution of electric, hybrid and hydrogen propulsion our companies are developing. As we look towards FAA reauthorization in the U.S., we will be looking for Congress to focus the FAA on improving their processes to facilitate the certification of new technologies as well as support their validation efforts globally to deliver safety, performance and sustainability benefits,” said Pete Bunce, GAMA President and CEO.

Airplane shipments in 2022, when compared to 2021, saw piston airplane deliveries increase 8.2%, with 1,524 units; turboprop airplane deliveries increase 10.4%, with 582 units; and business jet deliveries increase to 712 units from 710. The value of airplane deliveries for 2022 was $22.9 billion, an increase of approximately 5.8%.

Piston helicopter deliveries for 2022, when compared to 2021, saw an increase of 7.2%, with 194 units; and preliminary civil-commercial turbine helicopter increase 7.6%, with 682 units.  The preliminary value of helicopter deliveries for 2022 was $4.0 billion, an increase of approximately 6.8%.

GAMA’s complete 2022 year-end report can be found at

Year-end Aircraft Shipment and Billing

Aircraft Type 2021 2022 % Change
Piston Airplanes 1,409 1,524 8.2%
Turboprops  527 582 10.4%
Business Jets 710 712 0.3%
Total Airplanes  2,646 2,818 6.5%
Total Airplane Billing $21.6B $22.9B 5.8%
Piston Helicopters 181 194 7.2%
Turbine Helicopters 631 682 7.6%
Total Helicopters  812 876 7.5%
Total Helicopter Billing $3.7B $4.0B 6.8%

*Leonardo Helicopters fourth quarter data was not available at the time of publication. Leonardo Helicopters will release year-end results in March. GAMA excluded 2021 fourth quarter data for Leonardo in the comparison table.