Capturing Flybys in Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Drone Camera

I’ve been playing the latest edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator for about 3 years now when it took off in 2020. Throughout these years I’ve used the drone camera to take plenty of pictures from my flights around the world and it certainly leads to a lot of great shots! However, as I was daydreaming about flight yesterday, it dawned on me that I could probably set up a drone camera at the end of a runway and perform flybys over it. Why I never thought of this before I’ll never know, but I’m so glad I did think of it because the result is so much fun!

Below is a YouTube video that features some of my initial passes after having set up the drone at the end of a runway as I was controlling an F-18 at the same time. It’s also an interesting experience because you basically go from controlling the aircraft in either 3rd-person or first-person perspective to then controlling it from the drone perspective which is like flying an RC plane at that point.

I also continued with speed and power as I used the F-22 to do multiple passes while flying in Honolulu, Hawaii. Click the link to see those videos on my Twitter (X) account.

There are so many options for changing the camera perspective during flight to give you some nice shots of your in-flight experience. But as someone who loves going to airshows and watching the aircraft fly over me from wherever I’ve decided to set up shop during an airshow, it’s mighty fun to place the drone camera and do some passes in this way! Now it’s time to try doing other maneuvers and using other aircraft as well!