RTCA Welcomes New Members

RTCA has announced the addition of five organizations to its membership: Ampaire, Dayton-Granger, Inc., Route Dynamics Corp, Skydrive Inc. and Stellar Solutions.

RTCA and the aviation community owe a debt of gratitude to the dozens of committee leaders and thousands of committee participants who continue to deliver consensus on tough issues, leading to tangible outcomes for the aviation community. “Our members are the heart and soul of RTCA and we are resolute in our drive to deliver value to all of our 500+ member organizations” said RTCA President and CEO Terry McVenes.

Newest Members:

Ampaire – Hawthorne, California USA

Ampaire is designing and developing high performance zero-emission aircraft to help improve efficiency and reduce aviation’s impact on climate change. Their jet will be the first commercial, 9 passengers, all electric aircraft. It achieves the comfort of a business jet without the high cost, noise and pollution. Their custom propulsion system is the heart of their aircraft and is scalable to planes of various sizes. Combined with innovations in lightweight, swappable battery packs, they are optimizing their system for integration into turboprop airframes that are in the air today. They are satisfying current market needs for short flights and they will reduce costs by around 25% while producing zero emissions and less noise.

Dayton-Granger, Inc. – Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

Dayton-Granger, Inc. (DG), a leader in the design, testing, and manufacture of antennas, electrostatics and lightning protection products ranks among the most experienced suppliers of avionics products worldwide.

With more than 75 years of experience, DG has an unmatched reputation for supplying high quality, competitive products that satisfy military and commercial avionic industry standards.

Route Dynamics Corp. – Amber, Pennsylvania USA

Route Dynamics Corp. was formed to fill the unmet market need of providing automated dynamic rerouting technology to commercial and general aviation airline fleets.

Skydrive, Inc. – Tokyo, JAPAN

SkyDrive Inc. is a start-up for development / manufacturing / sales of the “Flying cars”. Designed by Cartivator, a Tokyo- and Toyota City-based non-profit run by a team of 30 volunteers. The three-wheeled Skydrive car is powered by four rotors and uses drone technology. The car aims to deliver a seamless transition from driving to flight.

The team’s “first target” is to build the flying car and use it to light the Olympic flame at Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics.

Skydrive has a projected top speed of 93 miles (150 kilometres) per hour on land, and 62 miles (100 kilometres) per hour when airborne. It should fly at an altitude of up to 10 metres (33 feet).

While several other flying car models are also under development – by firms such as Uber, Ehang and Airbus, to name just a few – Cartivator claims that its Skydive model will be the world’s smallest at just 2.9 metres (9.5 feet) by 1.3 metres (4.3 feet).

The firm envisions that Skydrive will be an infrastructure-free mode of transportation, able to take off and land anywhere. The team also hope that it will be accessible to all using ridesharing.

Stellar Solutions, Inc. – Palo Alto, California, USA

Stellar Solutions is a global system engineering service provider solving the most complex issues that commercial and government clients face today. A woman-owned small business founded in 1995, Stellar Solutions, Inc. has been providing high impact engineering services, end-to-end technical expertise and creative solutions to significant national and international customers for over 20 years. With sister companies Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited, based in the United Kingdom, and Stellar Solutions Aerospace France, based in France, the Stellar constellation of companies operates seamlessly together to serve customers’ critical needs across global markets.