LZControl Provides New Upgrades to Its System

LZControl allows pilots, UAS operators, certificate holders, first responders, as well as federal, state, and local emergency management providers access to unique site-specific information for hospital heliports as well as Predesignated Medical Emergency Scene Sites. All while providing current weather and hazard information for individual sites along with critical hard to find healthcare data populated by its cadre of professional members, and all conveniently at your fingertips.

New LZControl features Include:

•             Faster Access

•             Layers function, so you only see what you need to

•             Weather reporting associated with each LZ within 40 nautical miles

•             Hospital resources for medical emergency operations

•             Locations of the nearest fuel sites

•             Identification of nearby IFR procedures

According to LZControl, similar web-based applications pull data directly from the FAA, as is, without validation, and it is estimated that the FAA’s database is currently missing upwards of 45% of the hospital heliports in the U.S. Combined with the fact the FAA does not track hospital’s level of care designator for Trauma, Burn, Neonate and Pediatric capabilities, thus, the latest, most accurate real-time information may not be available when you need it most.

Through its unique crowdsourcing platform, the company says it has been able to bridge a critical information gap for emergency management professionals by providing site-specific information that is unique, time-sensitive and accurate.  

UAS and drone operators who use LZControl are now better equipped to identify hospital heliports and predesignated scene locations they previously would have never known existed. In turn, this allows for safer operations for everyone concerned.

LZControl is not just for hospitals — all heliports are welcome and if you want to become a part of the growing LZControl team and add a new location or update a current one or want to know where all the heliports are in your area, you can sign up here.