Blue Skies Drone Rental and ParaZero Announce Strategic Partnership

Blue Skies Drone Rental has announced a strategic partnership with Israeli based ParaZero to provide state of the art parachute safety systems for popular drone models. Under the agreement BSDR will provide sales of ready to fly (RTF) kits with the DJI M600pro and other popular models, including support and training on the safety systems.

“Drones are becoming increasingly popular and are being used in proximity to crowds of people more often and safety has been a major topic of discussion in the drone community,” said Todd Knighton from BSDR.  “Also, drones are carrying increasingly expensive payloads such as professional cinematography cameras, technical sensor payloads such as LiDAR, thermal / IR and multispectral sensors. These SafeAir parachute safety systems will be of high interest to folks who operate drones in the vicinity of people or who mount expensive payloads to their UAVs.”

“We evaluated various manufacturers of parachute safety systems and found the ParaZero systems to be one of the best out there,” Knighton said.

ParaZero SafeAir parachute systems incorporate patented technology to safely and immediately activate a parachute, while simultaneously cutting power to the motors, whenever indications of a crash (such as power loss or excessive pitch or roll) are detected. The parachute is deployed in a similar way that a car airbag is deployed. On descent, a loud buzzer sounds to warn bystanders of the descending drone.