National Aircraft Resale Association Launches Aircraft Inventory Listing on Website

The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) announced it has gone live with the new Find an Aircraft section at For the first time in NARA’s history, this new portal provides aircraft buyers and site visitors quick access to the complete listing of aircraft for sale or lease by NARA Certified Brokers and Dealers.

The Find an Aircraft section was introduced at NARA’s Annual Spring Membership meeting, held in Savannah, Georgia where 200 representatives from the member companies were in attendance. The easy to use drop-down menu allows aircraft shoppers to search by either aircraft manufacturer or model name. A link then takes the potential buyer to the website of each NARA Broker/Dealer, who has an aircraft matching the description. The aircraft listings will be updated weekly and additional display ads have been strategically placed to increase exposure to NARA’s website and the inventory of aircraft.

“We are quite proud of this new enhancement and have already seen more than 1500 additional visits to our site with over 700 visits that have resulted in buyers going to the individual brokers to see the aircraft listed,” commented Brad Harris, NARA Chairman and President of Dallas Jet International. “Over the past few years, we were told that many buyers were coming to our site in search of aircraft for sale. Now we can provide quick access to the entire inventory of aircraft from the Certified NARA Broker/Dealer network, in one central location, and that is a big step for the future of the entire organization.”

Currently there are 39 NARA Certified Broker and Dealer members that have passed the rigorous certification process to assure the highest standards when buying and selling previously owned aircraft. Ultimately they are recognized as NARA Certified Aircraft Brokers and Dealers and are required to follow a strict Code of Ethics to uphold their membership status. The 49 NARA Products and Services Members also adhere to this NARA Code of Ethics and represent the select few business aviation companies to have earned this membership.

To access the new Find an Aircraft section and view the current fleet of NARA Certified Broker/Dealer aircraft for sale or lease, go to