New Aviation Economic Impact Study for Washington State Begins

The Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division initiated an update to the Washington Aviation Economic Impact Study (AEIS) starting in October.

This study, last updated in 2012, provides critical information on the value of our state’s aviation system. It will calculate and document the economic contributions airports make to local communities, regions and the state. Analyses will identify off-airport businesses and industries who use and depend on the airports. It is widely used throughout the state to communicate aviation’s benefits for citizens of Washington state.

Each public-use airport in the state will receive the results to share with their stakeholders about the airport’s value and contributions to the community.

The consultant team consists of Kimley-Horn, Economic Development Research (EDR) Group, WSP USA, and PRR. All have reached out to airports to request information to facilitate the economic impact analyses.

The work involved to complete the study finalizes in February 2020. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded this study with a grant, with some supporting funds from WSDOT.