Career Exploration Day at DOAV in Virginia Showcases Variety of Aviation Jobs

The Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV) hosted an Aviation Career Event for the Omega Youth Academy in their agency Hangar on Saturday, January 25th. Agency staff presented and explained the fundamentals of aviation, including educational presentations, as well as hands-on demonstrations for the students and adult chaperones.

Jeff Taylor, right, explains aviation mechanics.

Betty Wilson, public relations manager for DOAV, kicked off the event with opening remarks and a brief overview of the agency. The students were then broken into groups to visit four stations that showcased different aspects of aviation. Ms. Wilson’s station focused on science and had demonstrations about aerodynamics, water pressure and air pressers as well as an aeronautical chart to explain flight planning.

A drone station was staffed by Alton Jordan an engineer with DOAV, who also has a part 107 license. He gave demonstration flights and helped show the students the fundamentals of flight. Jordan also gave a presentation on airports and engineering careers.

Betty Wilson, seated at right, teaches the students about air pressure.

DOAV’s Jeff Taylor staffed an aviation mechanic station where he showed the students the agency’s 182 engine and the work that was currently being done to the aircraft. Staff members David Cronk and Eddie Blanco showed off the agency’s Cessna 206 at the airplane station and allowed the students to get inside the plane and see how the flight controls work. They also explained what it was like being a pilot for DOAV.

Kim Wells, a public relations specialist, gave a presentation about the variety of careers in aviation and photographed the event throughout the day.