Rutland Composite Squadron Promotes Five Cadets

Rutland Composite Squadron of the Vermont Wing of the Civil Air Patrol announced the promotions of five cadets: C/A1C Cayden Brown, C/SrA Bryce Connaughton, C/Msgt Weyland Larson, c/Msgt Benjamin Mead, and C/2dLt Eliana Sargent. The Squadron also recently announced promotion of C/2dLt Sargent as its new Cadet Commander, assuming the responsibility from C/2dLt Trevor Mackay.

Cadets of the Rutland Composite Squadron were recently honored with promotions in recognition of their progress and hard work. From left to right: Cadet Commander C/2d Lt Eliana Sargent, C/MSgt Benjamin Mead, C/MSgt Weyland Larson, C/SrA Bryce Connaughton, and C/A1C Cayden Brown. For additional information, visit  
Photo Credit: 2nd Lt Joann Larson, Rutland Composite Squadron-Vermont Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Cadets earn promotions through testing in four general areas: Leadership, Drill, Aerospace Education, and Physical Fitness. 

The promotions were announced at a recent Squadron ceremony which included participation of five cadet commanders who had served over the past eight years. Vermont Wing Commander Richard Beach also participated.  Numerous friends and families of the cadets were also in attendance.

“The Squadron took great pride in welcoming back these past cadet commanders as we celebrated the accomplishments of our promoting cadets. Each of these former commanders have continued and grown their commitment to service, of their communities and nation: in the military, as a  a first responder, or as a civilian helping local charities,” said Squadron Commander Capt Alan Colvin.

“Service to our community is one of our core values. It is not very often a Squadron Commander gets the chance to see them all in the same room at once. Our cadets, past and present, inspire us all and continue to make their families and peers proud.”