Mount Anthony Union HS Senior Is First to Be Promoted to Cadet Major Rank in Bennington Composite Squadron of Vermont Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Photo above – CAP Cadet/Major Kale Bushee is formally promoted to his new rank by CAP Capt Jonathan Mercer, VT-076 squadron commander (left). C/Maj Bushee is a senior at Mt. Anthony Union High School here. Photo courtesy of CAP Major Hal Friday (VT-076)

The Bennington Composite Squadron (VT-076) of the Vermont Wing, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), has promoted Cadet Kale Bushee to the rank of Cadet/Major, the first Bennington cadet ever to achieve the rank.

The rank of CAP Cadet Major represents a cadet as having reached their first field grade cadet officer grade and their strategic expertise in training program management. Cadets at this grade are recognized for–alongside accomplishments in physical fitness, performance of leadership responsibilities–proficiency in executive management of squadron programs.

“Cadet/Major Bushee’s promotion is the highest ever awarded in the history of our squadron. This accomplishment reflects his commitment to his community, his peers, and his own long-term goals,” said VT-076 Commander Capt Jonathan Mercer. 

C/SSgt Bushee is a senior at Mount Anthony Union High School C/Maj Bushee aspires to a career in law enforcement.