2022 South Carolina Aviation Week Promotes Economic and Educational Impact of Aviation Industry

South Carolina Aviation Week is August 14-20, 2022. The South Carolina Aviation Association, in partnership with South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, is celebrating this week with a series of events that highlight the impact aviation has on economic development and educational initiatives.

“The promotion of Aviation week helps develop intentional pathways for promoting interest in aviation and engages students at an early age to pursue aviation at some level,” said South Carolina Aviation Association President, Terry Connorton.

Through South Carolina Aeronautics Commission education grants to academia and the aviation community are available to help prepare, inspire and recruit the next generation of aviation professionals. Here are a few educational aviation initiatives supported by the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission that are happening around the state.

GUNS Garin Memorial Foundation

The GUNS Garin Memorial Foundation, named after Major Richard Charles “GUNS” Garin (Rick), was founded to honor his life and to inspire young aspiring pilots to follow in his footsteps. The Foundation sees the importance of preserving his memory by supporting local military families during times of hardship and helping educate and encourage youth to explore a career in aviation. They accomplish both of these mission objectives by providing flight training scholarships, aviation education grants, and emergency monetary relief for military families in need. In 2021, Foundation’s grant was used for digital outreach to connect young adults to a new career path in aviation. The Foundation hoped to reach 40,000 young adults and ended up exceeding that reach to 450,000. The GUNS Garin Foundation continues their work in the midlands of South Carolina. Help carry on the legacy of GUNS Garin by joining their mission and considering a tax-deductible contribution. Visit their website www.gunsgarin.com to learn more!

Aviation at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate (TCMU), with locations in Greenville and Spartanburg, S.C., is one of the largest children’s museums in the nation. As a South Carolina Aeronautics Commission education grant recipient, TCMU has solidified plans for a new aviation exhibit, Wings in the Air at its Greenville location. Wings in the Air will occupy 2,000 square feet on the museum’s main floor and will introduce children and caregivers to the world of aviation through immersive, play-based learning experiences. PO Box 80994 · Charleston, SC 29416 · scaaonline.com Additionally, TCMU is joining the celebration of Aviation Week 2022; families can participate in aviationthemed programming at both TCMU locations, free with the price of admission. More information can be found at www.tcmupstate.org.

The LowCountry Aerospace Academy

The LowCountry Aerospace Academy has a mission to educate, inspire and empower diverse junior, high school and college students through formalized aviation, aeronautical and STEM education, professional aviation training, and special events. As part of their mission, they provide LIFT Camps to prepare students to get pilot licenses, and potentially land themselves a job in the industry after they graduate from high school. LIFT camps include free flight, simulator and ground training from an FAA CFI for students ages 15-19 years old. On August 20th, students will participate in a LIFT camp at Summerville Airport. Email LowcountryFlying@gmail.com for more information or visit the LowCountry Aerospace Academy Facebook page.

South Carolina Aviation Week is a statewide celebration of the economic and education impact of airports and the aviation industry. Celebrated August 14 – 20, 2022, and centered around National Aviation Day on August 19, Aviation Week is planned in partnership by South Carolina Aviation Association (SCAA) and South Carolina Aeronautics Commission.

SC Aeronautics mission is fostering air and economic development by overseeing the safety and development of the state’s public use airports, by providing safe and reliable air transportation for state government and business prospects, and by providing aviation education opportunities. SCAA actively promotes and encourages aviation and airport development to meet air transportation needs and assist the state in achieving economic development goals. Its membership is comprised of airports, aviation industry partners and aviators across South Carolina. For more information, please visit scaaonline.com.