Hartzell Trailblazer Composite Prop Receives STC for Cessna Cardinals

Hartzell Propeller’s composite Trailblazer prop has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Cessna Cardinals. The approval covers retractable gear normally aspirated and turbonormalized C-177RG Cardinals with IO-360s and IO-390s engines.

“Our testing found the Trailblazer two-blade prop to have excellent performance. Its light weight and the composite materials result in very smooth operation,” said Tim Roehl, president of General Aviation Modifications Inc., of Ada, Okla., which holds the new STC. “It is about seven pounds lighter than most aluminum two-blade props and up to 25 pounds lighter than some three-blade props approved for Cardinals. It’s great in combination with our “Cardinal Cruiser” turbonormalizing system by sister company Tornado Alley Turbo,” he added.

“C-177RG Cardinals outfitted with new Hartzell composite Trailblazer props possess excellent climb and cruise performance, across the board,” said Hartzell Executive Vice President JJ Frigge. “General Aviation Modifications Inc. is also making both polished aluminum and lighter composite spinners available with this kit.”

Props are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Pricing for the 83-inch diameter prop is $12,500 plus freight for the prop and aluminum spinner.