ACT Presents Apex Students with Aviation Career Options During Two-Day Immersion

Photo above – Apex students fly drones during their two day immersion in aviation at the NCDOT hangar at RDU. Photos by ACT’s Karen Allen.

   Fifty-seven students from Apex High School’s Academy of Information Technology took part in a two-day immersion into all things aviation and STEM last week at Raleigh Durham International Airport.

   Aviation Careers Technology (ACT) presented the two-day workshop to 57 students in the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Aviation hangar.
   Students received hands-on instruction on how to assemble a Stratux, an open-source portable ADS-B receiver using a Raspberry Pi. Once constructed, the students were able to attach the device to an IPad and track aircraft flying in the area.
   Students also got the chance to fly drones, tour RDU’s control tower and learn about different careers in aviation.