Norwich University Air Force ROTC and Vermont CAP Cadets Fly with Vermont and New York Wings of the Civil Air Patrol

Photo above – Capt. Joseph Bosley from Vermont Wing’s Capital Composite Squadron talking with AFROTC cadets, in preparation for their orientation flights.  

Thanks to the collaboration of pilots and support personnel from both New York and Vermont Wings of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a number of cadets from Air Force ROTC Detachment 867 at Vermont’s Norwich University were recently able to participate in a series of orientation flights over Vermont. The two Wings conducted a record 36 hours of flight time over a day and a half; and fulfilled a critical CAP mission of stimulating interest in aerospace among younger Americans.  

Capt. Jonathan Mercer of the Vermont Wing briefing AFROTC cadets Vanessa Magulas and Sonny Koa Rosales.

A total 34 Norwich University AFROTC cadets, and two from CAP, participated in the orientation flights.

The sorties were based out of Vermont Wing’s Capital Composite Squadron at Edward F. Knapp State Airport here. The airport is near Norwich University, which is located in Northfield, Vt. The Norwich University detachment of the AFROTC is commanded by USAF Col Mark Ceiro.

Captain Joseph Bosley, Commander of the Capital Composite Squadron, noted: “The hard work by both Vermont and the New York Wing resulted in one of the biggest airborne exercises in our Wing’s history. The AFROTC cadets greatly appreciated their experience in the hands of our NYWG and VTWG CAP pilots, and I think both Wings benefitted from a gratifying, educational experience.”

Orientation flights, which are also available to CAP cadets, enable participants to experience flight from the front seat of a CAP aircraft. In addition to experiencing flight, cadets received multiple briefings on CAP history, overviews of recent missions, as well as a “pilot’s eye” review of airport operations, charts, radio communications, and aeronautical decision making—all with an emphasis on safety.

Capt. Bosley cited the following CAP officers for their support and professionalism:

  • Administrative Officers: Capt. Kelli Sutton-Bosley, Capital Composite Squadron; 1st Lt Vince Gonillo, Commander, Burlington Senior Squadron
  • Safety Officer: 2nd Lt Ron Mitchell, Burlington Senior Squadron
  • Transportation Officer: 2nd Lt Dan Boone, Capital Composite Squadron
  • Vermont Wing Pilots: Capt. Tom Ferranti, Capital Composite Squadron; Capt. Jonathan Mercer, Bennington Composite Squadron
  • Flight Release Officer: Col Esther Abrams, Vermont Wing
  • New York Wing Pilots: Lt Col Brian Benedict, Northeast Region; Capt. Roger Teck, Schenectady Composite Squadron; Capt. Eric Chan, Long Island Group.
New York Wing Pilot Capt Eric Chan and Norwich University AFROTC cadets in the cockpit of a New York Wing Cessna 182.

Orientation flights are made available to AFROTC cadets in order to motivate and stimulate the cadet’s interest in and knowledge of aviation and aerospace activities to help stimulate their interest in and knowledge of aviation and aerospace activities. AFROTC/AFJROTC has determined that the use of CAP services under the Air Force – CAP Cooperative Agreement to provide orientation flights to its cadets is in the best interest of the United States and an economical and efficient way to conduct this mission.

According to a recent statement from CAP’s National Headquarters, CAP pilots flew 19,184 orientation flights for CAP, Air Force ROTC and Air Force Junior ROTC cadets in 2020.