Duncan Aviation Expands NDT Services to Helicopter Operators

Duncan Aviation has been providing non-destructive testing (NDT) services to business aircraft for more than 20 years. Because NDT tooling and requirements are the same no matter what material is being tested, they are now extending this experience and expertise to helicopter operators.

Along with the appropriate maintenance manuals and documentation, helicopter operators can remove and send in components to Duncan Aviation for any required NDT testing. With enough advanced notice, they can expect to receive their units back the next day.

Duncan Aviation has one of the highest skilled (Level 2 or higher) in-house non-destructive testing (NDT) teams in the aviation industry, providing eddy current, fluorescent penetrant, ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections on all make and model aircraft.

With eight full-time NDT technicians, this team performs a large variety of engine, airframe and component inspections and can make their services available at any of Duncan Aviation’s MRO facilities in Lincoln, Neb., Battle Creek, Mich., and Provo, Utah. In fact, with its accurate and portable NDT testing equipment, Duncan Aviation NDT technicians are able to perform most NDT inspections on the road at a customer’s specified location.

For more information about Duncan Aviation’s NDT capabilities, contact Accessories Customer Account Rep Kenny Leymaster at +1 402.479.1584.