Duncan Aviation and GE Aviation Collaborate to Provide ADS-B Benefits to GE’s OnPointSM Customers

— In an effort to help business jet operators more easily meet the upcoming Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) mandate and prevent potential operational disruption for their customers, Duncan Aviation and GE Aviation have collaborated to provide ADS-B benefits to GE’s OnPoint engine service customers through Duncan Aviation’s nationwide full-service and satellite avionics facilities.

Under this new program for OnPoint customers, installation labor related to ADS-B upgrades and engine prognostics hardware is discounted under OnPoint service agreements. GE offers Prognostic Health Management PLUS, an engine prognostic health management solution that facilitates more advanced monitoring and analyses of engine performance and provides Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) safety services. New OnPoint customers are also eligible to receive these discounts for engine monitoring and ADS-B.

“The assurance that all OnPoint customers meet ADS-B compliance and have the added benefit of the latest engine diagnostic technology upgrades is vitally important to us,” says Brad Mottier, vice president and general manager of GE Aviation’s Business & General Aviation and Integrated Systems organization. “As part of our service commitment, GE has carefully selcted Duncan Aviation as a collaborator to be the one-stop service provider for bundled mandatory upgrades and digital service enhancements.”

GE chose Duncan Aviation in part because of its excellent industry reputation, its technical expertise and its numerous locations and make/model capabilities, Mottier says.

Duncan Aviation anticipates upcoming avionics labor and hangar capacity shortages as the industry works through the mandated ADS-B upgrades and modifications. Duncan Aviation has access to or holds 42 FAA-approved solutions for ADS-B, which allows the company to perform upgrades on more than 100 aircraft models. In addition, Duncan Aviation is the only Rockwell Collins-authorized facility that can perform repairs and upgrades to the TDR-94 and TDR-94D transponders required to comply with the ADS-B mandate. Duncan Aviation also has NXT-700 transponders in stock and holds or has access to FANS solutions for 24 aircraft models.

“Customers are able to comply with ADS-B mandates and add predictive engine maintenance during one service visit no longer than two weeks,” says Mark Francetic, Duncan Aviation Regional Avionics Sales Manager.