Safegate Airport Systems brings intelligent LED airfield lighting solutions to North America

SafeLED IQ_L-850A_inset runway centerlineedit.jpg Safegate Airport Systems, Inc., subsidiary of the Safegate Group, is pleased to announce it is unveiling a new line of FAA and ETL certified SafeLED IQ airfield ground lighting fixtures in North America. When used in conjunction with advanced airfield lighting systems from Safegate, airports can save as much as 85% on energy costs and improve airside safety and efficiency. Airport managers can see a demonstration of the advanced systems at the 86th Annual AAAE Exposition in San Antonio, booth 418.

SafeLED IQ fixtures offer the traditional long life and low power consumption benefits of LED technology, but also include built-in intelligence with monitoring and control capabilities that provide opportunities to further reduce costs and improve operations. Controlling light intensity at each individual fixture through software, rather than through the CCR, results in additional savings in power consumption. All electronic components are fully encapsulated and housed in a unique, robust casting with minimal protrusion and no negative slope in front of the optics. SafeLED IQ fixtures are designed with fewer parts for easy maintenance and are compatible with existing infrastructure.

Leveraging the capabilities of SafeLED IQ with other advanced systems from Safegate will provide the largest gains in savings, safety and efficiency. SafeLED IQ is the right solution for airports looking for maximum savings from power consumption, routing capabilities and a step toward A-SMGCS.

Safegate’s ASP-SafeControl (airfield smart power) is an addressable individual light control and monitoring system that includes valuable features designed to improve airfield safety, reduce costs and increase efficiency and capacity. A key component of A-SMGCS, the system provides the tower with real-time status, including monitoring and control of stop bars, and offers a visual to compliment the verbal communication between tower and pilots to improve situational awareness and help avoid runway incursions.

When SafeLED IQ lights are used in conjunction with Safegate’s addressable airfield lighting technology, individual monitoring and selective switching of airfield lights is possible without using separate circuits. Lights can be controlled by defined segments rather than selected circuits, which provides the largest gain in power savings, avoids future costs and maximizes flexibility.

Airports can boost efficiency even further by operating ASP-SafeControl in a low current environment. Safegate’s SafeLED IQ 2A solution reduces the primary current for the airfield lighting system from 6.6 Amps to 2 Amps to reduce power loss in the cabling system.

SafeLED IQ fixtures and ASP-SafeControl are compatible with existing infrastructure. The SafeLED IQ 2A solution can operate in a traditional circuit design, but maximum power savings are achieved when operating with the ASP-SafeControl addressable system.