Women’s Aviation Career Symposium Set for Sixth Year to Promote Networking, Education and Scholarships and Careers in Aviation

The Women’s Aviation Career Symposium (WACS) will be held for the sixth year on March 16, 2024. WACS is a professional career conference for women from high school junior through retirement and will take place at the Western Michigan University College of Aviation in Battle Creek, Michigan. Designed to introduce women to aviation and to promote networking, education, and scholarships, WACS takes pride in building up the aerospace community in Michigan and surrounding Great Lakes States. The WACS event will also provide multiple scholarship opportunities to women for aviation education, professional development, flight training, and maintenance training.

“Every year, this event exceeds our expectations in bringing numerous companies and resources together for women interested in aviation. We are very excited for the young women who get to connect with seasoned professionals in the industry and be inspired to pursue a career in aviation,” said Helen Hagg, co-founder of WACS. “Through scholarships, career advice, mentorship, and job opportunities – we support and promote every aspect of aviation to women in our region!”

WACS will feature time for meeting and networking with local industry companies, organizations, schools, and professional women in aviation. Additionally, attendees can join workshops with information on flight and maintenance training, aerospace engineering, space, STEM education, and military aviation. WACS also prioritizes time for attendees to learn and ask questions from women professionals about their everyday life in their specific field. Exhibitors and sponsors are invited to join an industry briefing to discuss current challenges and changes, and innovations in aviation. The event ends with a keynote speaker and the presentation of scholarships.

Last year, the event sold out with over 180 women in attendance and 40 exhibitors. Twenty women each received $2,000 in scholarships, with the total awarded funds at $40,000. The event was sponsored by 45 companies including 25 new sponsors. WACS has awarded $81,500 in scholarships since inception.

To learn more or to register for the event, visit the following link: Women’s Aviation Career Symposium (WACS) 2024.