Kansas Governor Signs Bipartisan Bill Increasing Investment in Aviation Infrastructure

Governor Laura Kelly signed House Bill 2498, bipartisan legislation that increases investment in Kansas’ public airports, improving airport accessibility and safety.

“This bill is a critical investment in our state’s aviation infrastructure, ensuring our public use general aviation airports have the resources they need to thrive,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “By boosting funding to the Aviation Fund, we’re enhancing safety and supporting economic development across Kansas.”

House Bill 2498 increases annual funding for the Kansas Airport Improvement Program (KAIP) from $5 million to $15 million. This increased funding will provide funding to public airports across the state to allow them to modernize and address infrastructure needs.

“Key to KDOT’s support of increased funding for the state’s 109 public use airports has been the agency’s ongoing collaboration with the Kansas Association of Airports and our local and federal partners,” said Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Calvin Reed. “These airports generate over $9 billion in annual economic output. The KAIP program helps this important industry remain a vital part of the Kansas economy. That translates into jobs and quality of life for the residents of Kansas.”

These additional resources will support essential initiatives such as pavement improvement, safety enhancements, and automated weather observation systems, which are crucial for air ambulance services in rural areas.

“The additional funding provided by this bill will help maintain the pavement conditions of our state’s general aviation airports,” said Kansas State Senator Mike Petersen, District 28. “These airports are very important to our economy and to providing air ambulance access to trauma centers for many of our rural citizens.”

“Increasing funding for airport improvement projects will improve travel experience, create good-paying jobs in our local economies, and increase passenger safety,” said Kansas State Senator Ethan Corson, District 7. “Thanks to this bill, Kansans will be better connected to communities large and small, and our airports will be able to meet the growing demand for air travel.”