SIMPRO Flight Training Announced as New Brand Name for Glass Simulator Center

sim-citation1-1 (1)Owners of the Glass Simulator Center have announced the new name for this facility is now SIMPRO Flight Training. Conveniently located on the Aurora Municipal Airport (KARR), 35 miles west of Chicago, SIMPRO Flight Training center was recently remodeled with an updated pilot lounge and new classroom with the latest audio-visual equipment. SIMPRO pilots arriving for training have access to discounts on fuel, hangar space, local lodging and meals, as well as complementary use of courtesy vehicles.

This well-established simulator training center operates five Frasca Flight Training Devices (FTD) that represent the Cessna Citation 500 (also supports 550, 560), King Air 200 (also supports models 90 through 350), Cirrus SR22, Single or Multi-Engine-Light Twin, and a Garmin G1000 procedures trainer. SIMPRO’s training programs and devices are FAA and insurance industry approved and the training can be tailored to meet customer’s requirements.

“We are proud to re-introduce this quality training facility with its new name, new features, and a highly regarded staff of professional instructors that remain a key factor to our continued success,” commented Thomas Hakes, President of Flight Logistics of Green Bay, Wisconsin. “We are excited to have retained legend, Arthur ‘Art’ St. Arnaud, as our center manager and chief simulator instructor, as we know he has a great following.  Our state of the art training equipment provides a cost-effective training option for pilots throughout the Midwest and beyond. And student pilots looking to upgrade their skills or prep for a big interview are always welcomed at SIMPRO,” added Hakes.

To learn more about SIMPRO Flight Training or to schedule your next training event, call 630-466-7100 or toll free 888-746-8724 today.