Hawaii Infrastructure to Get $92.8 Million for Capital Improvement

Governor Neil Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $92.8 million for various Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) designed to maintain, upgrade and expand transportation infrastructure across Hawaii. 

The Governor said Hawaii’s highways, airports and harbors are essential to island commerce and their way of life and everyone depends on the daily reliability and functionality of this core infrastructure. “By investing in these needed maintenance and improvement projects now, we will create local jobs and further stimulate the economy, while ensuring the continued flow of ground, air and ship transportation to, from and throughout the state.”
Funds for the below priority airport projects, identified by members of the state Legislature, were approved and released by the Governor.

Including these funds, Governor Abercrombie so far in 2012 has approved more than $423.8 million for CIPs, selected for their potential to immediately stimulate the economy and generate job opportunities for residents.
$14,000,000 –  Hilo International Airport, Hawai’i Island – Additional construction for a new cargo facility building
$6,000,000 – Kahului Airport, Maui – Design funds for a proposed consolidated rental car facility- a two-level structure that will include a customer service building, quick-turnaround, and ready/return vehicle spaces
$4,925,000 state funds and $25,839,000 federal grant – Lana’i Airport, Lana’i – Construction funds for improvements to the runway safety area to bring it up to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification requirements
$4,875,000 – Kona International Airport at Keahole, Onizuka Museum, Hawai’i Island – Construction funds to relocate the Ellison S. Onizuka Space Center to the former Ground Transportation Building site; scope of work also includes demolition of the existing Ground Transportation Building and miscellaneous site improvements
$3,500,000 – Kahului Airport, Maui – Land acquisition funds for adjacent land to prevent incompatible future developments that could compromise future airport and aircraft operations
$3,000,000 – Kona International Airport, Hawaiꞌi Island – Design funds for improvements at terminal building to enhance capacity, efficiency and security, including a centralized security check-in, baggage handling system, common-use passenger processing systems, flight information displays and other items
$2,329,185 – Kona International Airport at Keahole, Hawai’i Island – Construction funds for a new and relocated Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Station to meet FAA requirements
$700,000 – Kapalua Airport, Maui – Construction funds for a two-bay garage and storage structure as an addition to the existing Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting station
$600,000 – Kona International Airport at Keahole, Hawai’i Island – Design funds for re-roofing of the terminal buildings, installation of air conditioning for the restrooms, and various other miscellaneous terminal improvements
$555,000 state funds and $2,700,000 federal grant – Kalaeloa Airport, O’ahu – Construction funds for the re-roofing of Hangar 110, including all clerestory windows to prevent leaks and meet all current building and fire codes
$500,000 – Kahului Airport, Maui – Design funds for project management support of capital improvement projects at Kahului Airport
$305,000 state funds and $1,017,000 federal grant – Kahului Airport, Maui – Design funds to renovate restrooms, add air conditioning and update for lighting and sanitary measures
$113,000 – Lana’i Airport, Lanaꞌi – Construction funds to realign and update lighting for Runway 3 and the terminal apron to meet FAA requirements.