Checkpoint Adjustments, New Kiosks at Kahului Airport

Photo above – CLEAR kiosks at Checkpoint 2 at Kahului Airport. Credit: Hawai‘i Department of Transportation

The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation (HDOT) is informing travelers that beginning Sunday, April 28, TSA PreCheck at the Kahului Airport will move to Checkpoint 1, which is next to the ticketing lobby.

Checkpoint 2, which currently screens TSA PreCheck travelers, will serve as a general checkpoint when there is an overflow of travelers. The change is to accommodate the increased enrollment of TSA PreCheck passengers. A diagram showing the new layout can be found here:

On Tuesday, April 30, CLEAR, a travel services provider, will begin offering its optional identification verification services at Kahului Airport. The new airport vendor will allow travelers who subscribe for a fee to CLEAR, to use a dedicated line to verify their identity using biometrics such as a scan of your eyes or fingerprint, instead of having to show a government-issued photo I.D. Passengers will still need to be screened by TSA.

CLEAR will have a greeting area for its members across the walkway in front of Checkpoint 1. The CLEAR Ambassadors will not approach travelers outside of this greeting area.

CLEAR is being provided as an optional service for travelers, similar to vendors such as rideshare, taxi service, food and beverage and retail services.