Duncan Aviation’s Georgia Avionics Satellite Shop Moves to New Facility

Duncan Aviation has announced that its Satellite Avionics Shop in Atlanta, Georgia, has moved into a new facility at the Hill Aircraft Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Manager Edduyn Pita and his crew of avionics technicians have moved into a newer, bigger hangar owned by Hill Aircraft. Long-time Atlanta Satellite Shop customers need not worry about losing the convenience of the shop, as the new hangar is located on the same ramp as the previous shop and is less than two minutes from the satellite’s old hangar.

The new address is:

3950 Aero Drive, Building 8R-7, Suite A

Atlanta, Georgia 30336

The shop’s phone numbers are the same:

Main number: +1 404.696.6525

Manager Edduyn Pita (and after hours): +1 404.227.9766

“One of the most positive aspects of our move is that our new hangar is bigger and more spacious than our previous one, so we are now able to work on large-cabin aircraft inside our hangar,” says Pita. “Of course we’ll still travel to our customers’ hangars when they prefer that.”

It’s been a busy year for the Duncan Aviation Satellite Shops and work-away stations – all 26 of which are located at home airports for the nation’s busiest business aircraft. The proximity of the experienced avionics installation technicians has been a benefit for many of our customers who share hangars, ramps, or airports with us as the final months tick away before the FAA’s mandated deadline to get aircraft outfitted for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ASD-B).

Several customers have taken advantage of this proximity and scheduled their fleets for ADS-B upgrades. The shops in St. Paul, Minnesota; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; and Austin, Texas; have a number of fleet upgrades scheduled this year. As with Pita’s customers at the Satellite Shop in Georgia, some customers ask us to do the upgrades in their hangars when they have their aircraft down for inspections or scheduled maintenance, and others bring their aircraft to our shops. Call the Duncan Aviation Satellite Avionics Shop nearest you for more information (www.duncanaviation.aero/locations/#satellites).

Because of the greater space at the Atlanta Satellite Avionics Shop, Pita will need to add another experienced Avionics Installation Tech to his crew. Several of the Duncan Aviation Satellite Shops are looking for experienced technicians and administrative support. Visit the company’s Career portal (www.DuncanAviation.aero/careers) for more information.