VIPER SD-4, S-LSA to fly at Sun ‘n Fun

Viper Glamor shot1editEagle International Aircrafts L.L.C. announced that the FAA has approved the Viper SD-4 to be sold as an LSA in the U.S. Market. Since this approval, the head-turning machine has begun regular flights at North Perry Airport, Florida.


This all-metal original design was conceived to embody ruggedness, low maintenance and repair cost, and high availability, ideal not just for flight schools, for individual owners, as well. Refinement in Europe over the past ten years has perfected design, build, systems, and flight characteristics, for a comfortable, practical, beautiful, and economical ride.

The spacious cockpit provides unmatched comfort and the huge rear-hinged canopy and steps on both sides allow easy ingress for both pilot and passenger or instructor. The Viper SD-4 also features the newest breakthroughs in avionics, and is available in several instrumentation packages and interior accoutrements from “comfortable” to “elegant,” allowing owners a specify exactly the airplane they want, built to their budget, and fly home in an LSA that performs at the top of its class, with Rotax 912ULS power and DUC composite adjustable propeller.

State of the art CNC production equipment, top quality materials and components, and old-world craftsmanship guarantee beauty in fit and finish on the one hand, and precise and predictable flying on the other. Viper’s particular emphasis on accuracy, security and great customer value come together in the VIPER SD-4, now available in the USA, and premiering at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, April 4-9, 2017.

Large fuel tanks and exceptional comfort position the Viper SD-4 as an effective cross-country personal or businesses transport.  A range of nearly 600 nautical miles makes huge territories available, and the comfortable cabin and benign flight characteristics let the pilot enjoy all that range.

Aside from the practical benefits of metal construction in strength, maintenance and repairability (and insurance costs), the Viper SD-4 can be painted in the customer’s choice of colors, including rich metallic.

Premiering commercially in the USA at Sun ‘n Fun, the Viper SD-4 can be ordered, ready-to-fly as an LSA starting at $89,900.

Financing starts at just $570/month for the basic package, for more details please contact Eagle International Aircrafts LLC.


See the Viper SD-4 at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, SPACE #41 in Paradise City.