Progressive Aerodyne Passes FAA LSA Prototype Audit, Obtains Airworthiness Cert

Progressive Aerodyne, Inc., (PA) the manufacturer of SeaRey, Light Sport Amphibian Airplane, successfully passed an FAA Light Sport Aircraft Prototype Audit by the audit team from FAA AIR-200 in Washington D.C. and obtained an airworthiness certification from the FAA Orlando MIDO (Manufacturing Inspection District Offices) office on November 8, 2012. (Photo – Certification Team)

PA has been working for a few years diligently to meet relevant ASTM standards and FAA regulations with help and guidance from SilverLight Aviation.  PA was the first one out of seven Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers  in the past two years to pass the FAA audit without any major findings. “It was very commendable” said one of the auditors at the out-brief.

PA has been selling the same model kit of the two place amphibian airplane for the past twenty years.   “We will carry on the legacy of the beloved SeaRey in the production airplane”, said Kerry Richter, the President of Progressive Aerodyne, Inc.

PA will start production of the compliant airplane immediately to meet the long expected market demand.  New factory-built airplanes will be delivered to customers who put down a deposit in a couple of months.  “This is a milestone for PA to get to the next level of company growth and treat it as a new start of world class manufacturing and service.”  Adam, the CEO said. PA is committed to make continuous effort providing customers with the high quality SeaRey with proven extraordinary performance by strictly following  the ASTM standards and FAA regulations to keep its leading position on the sport amphibian airplane market.