Piper Delivers 500th Turboprop Meridian

Piper Aircraft Inc. recently rolled out the landmark 500th pressurized single-engine turboprop M-Class Meridian to SouthEast Piper for delivery to the aircraft’s new Florida-based owner. 

Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott said the milestone delivery of the 500th Piper Meridian, since first delivery in the year 2000, emphasizes its enduring value proposition even during recent periods of economic uncertainty around the world. "Single-engine Piper turboprops are growing in popularity as replacements for less economical twin-engine jets and turboprops."
Flightline Group/SouthEast Piper Chairman Paul "Mac" Langston said, "The Meridian is very popular with aircraft owners and operators in the southeastern U.S. due to its flexibility, utility and performance for the dollar." Langston said their customers buy and fly the Meridian because it has versatile takeoff, landing and climb capabilities through the extreme summer conditions in the southeast. "Its speed, comfort, and competitive price make it ideal for both business and personal missions," said Langston.