Elixir Aircraft to Open New U.S. Facility in Sarasota

Elixir Aircraft has announced a new site in the United States. Situated at Sarasota Bradenton Airport (SRQ) in Florida, this facility will focus on the reassembly of aircraft intended for delivery to clients in the U.S. The demand for Elixir aircraft in the American market is substantial, with over 200 units already pre-ordered. This expansion will result in the employment of approximately 200 new staff members at the Sarasota location, in addition to the existing 200 staff members in France.

The 4th generation aircraft manufacturer has marked the next phase of their growth by signing a long-term lease for their new, main U.S. assembly and support facility located on the flight line at SRQ. The facility will consist of two custom and modern buildings. Elixir Aircraft will take occupation of the first 12,500 square feet fully renovated hangar in Q4 2024, mainly for initial re-assembly of aircraft delivered to U.S. clients.

Then a new second building of 6,000 square feet adjacent to the first shall be taken on by Elixir Aircraft in August of 2025, to continue with re-assembly and hold spare parts stock for the east coast of the USA.

Both buildings will support Elixir Aircraft’s long-term growth and talent recruitment in America.

Elixir Aircraft envisions employing around 200 staff at Sarasota Bradenton Airport by 2027. These men and women will provide numerous services to Elixir Aircraft’s North American clients including administration, aircraft assembly and deliveries, maintaining stock of spare parts and providing any support needed.

In addition to Sarasota, Elixir is currently putting in place additional support facilities in Arizona and the Midwest USA.

The company’s CEO, Arthur Léopold-Léger, explains: “When we started Elixir, we knew the American market will be key to the future success of the company. After years of looking for the right U.S. location, and many trips to the area, we are excited to tell the world we will be in Sarasota, Florida. We at Elixir Aircraft would like to thank the management team of Sarasota Airport specifically Rick Piccolo Airport CEO, Joseph Filippelli SVP Real Estate and Lionel Guilbert SVP Operations, for making this decision and whole process both easy and enjoyable.”

Cyril Champenois, Elixir Aircraft Co-Founder, further explains: “With over 200 aircraft already on order and pre-order in the U.S., our new Sarasota facility is crucial to our growth globally. Sarasota located on the East coast, with a passionate aviation and sailing community, is similar to our home city of La Rochelle France. We look forward to the future from an office that feels like home. We have also factored in room to grow in the SRQ area, so the Elixir team and I envision many happy years ahead of us.”

In February 2024, Elixir announced an expansion of their headquarters in La Rochelle, France to 14,000 m² (150,000 sq ft). This highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly industrial site will house all production activities. Elixir Aircraft aims to produce more than 300 aircraft a year. To meet demand, Elixir HQ is expected to employ over a thousand people by 2033.