Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” Finalizes Filming at Piper Aircraft

piper discover channel.jpg The Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” documentary television series has completed filming at Piper Aircraft, culminating after two detail-intensive days in the factory and supporting departments.

“When our Chamber of Commerce reached out to Piper as a potential feature for the documentary ‘How It’s Made’, we were exceedingly enthusiastic to participate,” reported Simon Caldecott, CEO and President of Piper Aircraft. “As a pillar of the community for more than fifty years, Piper is proud to represent not only Vero Beach, but also the aviation industry at large, showcasing the manufacturing of a contemporary product rich in history with exceptional quality and enduring value.”

The camera crew arrived on property at Piper early Wednesday morning to begin working on the widely popular documentary series “How It’s Made”. Broadcast in 180 countries, the show offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fabrication of various products, from everyday objects to industrial items and manufacturing marvels. Piper’s flagship aircraft, the Meridian, will be the featured high performance plane for the segment. The Meridian is the company’s celebrated turboprop of the M-Class series, which also includes the Matrix, Mirage, and just-released top-of-the-line Meridian M500.

The advent of “How It’s Made” is uniquely fitting and timely, as Piper announced its latest product, the single-engine turbine Meridian M500, the same day. In addition to employees’ ebullient reaction to media presence, the unveiling of the M500 contributed to additional energy and excitement throughout manufacturing. The show will depict how the original Piper Meridian is handcrafted from sheet metal start to airworthy finish. It is due to debut in early June as one of the leading segments on the internationally recognized show.