RTCA, Inc. and SAE International Announce Signing of MOU

Photo above – Terry McVenes, RTCA President & CEO, left, and Raman Venkatesh, SAE Executive Vice President & COO.

RTCA, Inc. and SAE International have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate, exchange information, and cooperate in areas of mutual interest ensuring the best use of resources to meet the demands of the evolving aviation landscape. This MOU establishes an agreement for a cooperative approach in the development of standards that serve the members of both organizations.

“The partnership between SAE International and RTCA forms a strong platform for collaboration between our organizations to augment our consensus standards, bringing greater value to the aerospace industry, government and research community,” said Raman Venkatesh, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SAE International. “The deep technical expertise and organizational strengths provide a base for synergy to advance progress in aviation.”

“This strategic partnership with SAE is an important effort on behalf of our respective members to ensure a coordinated process is in place to address the needs of all aviation stakeholders,” added Terry McVenes, President and Chief Executive Officer of RTCA. “Regular coordination between RTCA and SAE International will further enhance the value we bring to our memberships and our industry/government partners.”