RAA Establishes Scholarship Foundation

The Board of Directors of the Regional Airline Association, the industry trade association representing North American regional airlines, on May 7 ratified the establishment of the RAA Scholarship Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to support RAA’s scholarship program, which provides financial assistance to students pursuing careers in aviation.

RAA awards $16,000-$20,000 in scholarships annually to students in collegiate aviation programs. In 2018, RAA awarded four, $4,000 scholarships.

“Through the RAA Scholarship Foundation, we have aspirations of growing the scholarship fund exponentially from our current $20,000-a-year program,” RAA President and CEO Faye Malarkey Black said. “RAA is greatly concerned about the financial burden placed on individuals seeking a career as a pilot, or other roles in the airline industry, and is working to find solutions for making a career in aviation more accessible. The scholarship program is one such solution.”

The RAA Scholarship Foundation was ratified by the RAA Board of Directors during its meeting in Washington, D.C.