Teton Aviation Group Announces CEO’s Retirement

Teton Aviation Group LLC (formerly Avtrak LLC) announces the retirement of its CEO, Joe Hertzler.

Mr. Hertzler, along with his brother Glenn, co-founded Avtrak in 1996 and grew the company to become one of the industry’s premier maintenance tracking companies. Earlier this year, Avtrak sold most of its assets to CAMP Systems International including the Avtrak brand, and subsequently renamed the company Teton Aviation Group. Teton continues to provide services to Gulfstream Aerospace in support of the Gulfstream CMP.net™ maintenance tracking service. Joe will continue his involvement with Teton as both an owner and active board member.

Replacing Joe Hertzler as Teton Aviation’s CEO, is Mr. John Cuseo. Mr. Cuseo has a long history with the company, previously leading the engineering team who originally developed the company’s flagship software program, GlobalNet™, back in 2000. Mr. Cuseo is also the President of Advanced Solutions, Inc., and has been an owner and active board member with Avtrak since the company partnered with Advanced Solutions in 2000. In his new role, Mr. Cuseo will provide the company with leadership, direction, and technical oversight, supporting Gulfstream and their maintenance tracking service. 

Teton Aviation Group is a premier aviation software development company providing dedicated support to Gulfstream and the Gulfstream CMP.net™ service.