Colorado Surplus Airport Equipment Program Soars to New Heights

Photo above – A record number of airports attended this year’s Surplus Airport Equipment Sale. In total, 29 airports purchased 53 pieces of equipment. The Colorado Division of Aeronautics funded nearly 75% of just over $1 million in sales.

The 2023 Surplus Airport Equipment Sale went into the record books as the largest and most attended sale in the program’s history. Taking place on August 31st, a record number of 29 Colorado public-use airport managers and sponsors took advantage of the sale coordinated through a long-standing partnership with Denver International Airport (DEN).

In total, 53 pieces of well-maintained airport equipment were sold to 29 airports generating just over $1 million in revenue. Through funding allocated by the Colorado Aeronautical Board (CAB), the Division funded $747,600 of this total, minimizing purchase costs to local airport sponsors.  It’s estimated that had all of this equipment been purchased new, the total cost would have been well over $10 million.

Led by the Division’s Kaitlyn Westendorf, the Colorado Surplus Airport Equipment Program continues to be the Division’s largest and longest-standing statewide initiative. For over 20 years, this program has helped numerous airports affordably attain critical airport-specific equipment that significantly helps enhance the safety and efficiency of Colorado’s Airport System.