AMCG Foundation Announces Formation of New Website Focused on the Future of Aviation

Aviation Management Consulting Group (AMCG) has announced the formation of the AMCG Foundation. The AMCG Foundation has been created as a non-profit organization geared to promote and provide opportunities and resources to individuals wishing to further their career and interest in the aviation industry through various mediums including providing avenues to financial assistance. Within the Foundation, the Future of Aviation Initiative was created to encourage interest in aviation and to provide one comprehensive resource to identify and provide access to the scholarships available within the industry.

The goal of the Future of Aviation Initiative is to have the most comprehensive industry career resource and create a “one stop shop” to finding scholarships, not only for students but also for professionals furthering their career, and eventually internship and grant opportunities. Future development also includes a platform to allow applicants to login and create a profile to aid in the application process and allow Sponsors of scholarships to manage and update their scholarships as needed.

AMCG is proud to have donated over $50,000 towards the development of the Foundation, the Future of Aviation Initiative, and the associated database and website. In addition, AMCG will be donating to the AMCG Foundation to provide funding for future scholarships. Jeff Kohlman, AMCG’s Managing Principal says, “The company is excited to be able to offer this opportunity to students and professionals. The AMCG team has worked very hard to develop a resource that will allow individuals to have additional means to pursue all interests within the aviation industry.”

If your company, association, or organization offers scholarships, please visit the Future of Aviation Initiative website at Future of Aviation to see if you are listed as a Sponsor or email us at to be included in this opportunity to further promote your scholarships.