Aerobahn Now Operational at Denver International Airport

Saab Sensis’ airport surface management system, Aerobahn®, is now operational at Denver International Airport. Key airport stakeholders, including authorized airlines, ancillary service providers and the airport operator, now use a common situational awareness, communications and operations management platform for greater collaboration, management of airfield operations and reduced costs at the world’s eleventh busiest airport.

At Denver, each authorized user has access to the secure, browser-based Aerobahn service with the ability to customize Aerobahn to meet their individual operational needs. This includes the airport’s deicing service providers who will use Aerobahn’s Dynamic Rules Alerting capability to manage deicing elapsed times.

Aerobahn combines airside operational information, such as flight schedules, planned arrival and departure gates and passenger/bag connection information, with precise aircraft surveillance and identification for a real-time, comprehensive view of surface operations.
Ken Kaminski, senior vice president and general manager of Saab Sensis said thirteen of the busiest airports in the United States now have Aerobahn assisting them in reducing taxi times, cutting emissions and increasing overall operational performance. “With Aerobahn’s advanced decision support tools and integration of all key flight data from numerous sources, the right information is now in the hands of the professionals who need it to make more informed decisions that impact travelers.”
Additionally, Aerobahn offers a number of customizable tools that enable proactive management of surface operations, including departure/arrival queues, runway use status, and traffic flow monitoring, resulting in less emissions and improved operational performance. All events are recorded for future playback to identify trends and develop new procedures to mitigate delays or similar events in the future. Aerobahn also provides users with the ability to create reports based on numerous variables for detailed analysis of operations.