2010 – What’s Foremost on the Minds of State Aviation Officials

The State Aviation Journal asked state aviation directors what the most important issue will be for their state as we move into the year 2010. We also asked them for a personal goal they’ve set for the coming year. And just for fun, we asked for their prediction on the winner of the Super Bowl.

Just to whet your appetite, here is the response from Dr. John C. Eagerton, Chief, Aeronautics Bureau, Alabama Department of Transportation.

What will be the most important issue for you and your state in 2010?  The state’s projected budget shortfall and guarding against revenue transfers from the Transportation Department to other state agencies/programs.  (Fortunately, Alabama’s automotive fuel taxes are constitutionally dedicated to roads and bridges).

Give us a personal goal you’ve set for the coming year!  Expanding the bureau’s sponsorship program for AIP projects

Super Bowl Winner?  Alabama over Texas!  That’s the only Super Bowl I know of!

 Click on the PDF below to read what’s on the mind of other state aviation officials.