Streaming EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023

This year happens to be the first time I’ve missed an AirVenture in over 10 years. What was set up to be my 15th year attending the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration turned into it being a year away from it instead. While it’s been disappointing not having the opportunity to walk the grounds and take in the sights and sounds in person, I’ve actually been enjoying the live streams from around the event that EAA offers on their website.

Check out the live streaming options here:

Screenshot Taken from the Live Stream of Wednesday’s Airshow

In a year that I’m unable to attend AirVenture, it’s nice to have the option to watch it through live streaming. EAA has streamed the event for a while now as I’ve intentionally went up to camera locations to wave at family members who were watching. I also had a year where I missed the first couple of days and watched the stream then. But it’s impressive just how great the streaming options are for those who can’t be there in person.

If you don’t know, EAA has cameras set up 24/7 at multiple locations that include Boeing Plaza, Vintage, Warbirds, Ultralights, and The Green Dot. Throughout the day they also have a stream called “Around the Grounds” that focuses on activity around AirVenture including closeups of aircraft that are taking off. Furthermore, they also fully cover the day and night airshows with multiple cameras and, most importantly, it’s all in good quality! For it being a year that I can’t attend, I’m so happy that I at least have the option to tune in and see the grounds and airshows. I’ve even set up the streams on multiple monitors for an even better experience! Oh, and they include sound too, so you can hear the planes as they fly by while also listening to ATC at the same time!

EAA uses YouTube to stream the cameras from around the grounds (links are found on their website). However, the airshow itself (both day and night) are streamed through a different service. So, if you want to watch the airshow on your smart TV or by using a device such as Roku or Apple TV, you can share the video from your phone to your smart TV.

How-to stream the airshow to your TV:

Streaming the Wednesday Night Airshow on TV

If you’re like me, you’ll be watching multiple cameras while listening in over the final three days of the event. Heads-up though, there are going to be moments where you hear something and, even with the multiple cameras, you just won’t be able to see it. Thankfully it’s only happened a few times! However, EAA, I would love it if you would add a camera that observes the runways at all times! Flightline cam!