From Paris to DCA, Vietnam Airlines 787 Making Headlines

IMG_6716edit SMALL edit_0.jpg Soon after performing at the Paris Air Show, Boeing’s 787-9 in Vietnam Airlines livery, showed up at Ronald Regan National Airport on Monday of this week. After creating a buzz by demonstrating flight characteristics in France the aircraft found itself at DCA on static display on the ramp in front of Signature Flight Support for a special pre-delivery ceremony between Boeing, U.S. and Vietnamese Government officials.
(Photos by Andrew Stevens)

Boeing President and CEO Ray Conner, officially turned over the aircraft, the first of 19, to Vietnamese officials including General Secretary H.E Nguyen Phu Trong on his historic first official visit to the United States. Conner said it was a natural to stage the event in Washington D.C. with the relationship between Vietnam and the United States now marking the 20th anniversary of normalized relations.
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