Orbis MD-10 Arrives at DCA


Orbis, the international nonprofit that fights blindness around the world brought their new Flying Eye Hospital, to Reagan National Airport today. The MD-10, donated by FedEx, is more than six years in the making, and is the third-generation Flying Eye Hospital – the world’s only mobile ophthalmic teaching hospital on board the aircraft. Orbis reports that hundreds of experts have come together to combine the latest in avionics, hospital engineering, technology and clinical expertise to make the new Flying Eye Hospital a reality. It features a modular design, 3D technology and live broadcast capabilities enabling Orbis, with their expert Volunteer Faculty, to train more doctors, more nurses and healthcare professionals—ultimately treating more people and restoring their sight. The aircraft, parked on the ramp in front of Signature Flight Support, will depart for Asia to conduct its inaugural program in Shenyang, China this September.